With our first design, we sought to change the way optical frames look and feel; not just by the product itself, but through the honest, thoughtful approach to creating it.
Our unprecedented use of a familiar material — laminated maple temples cut from a retired skateboard — rooted our business in the idea that glasses can be more than just functional accessories.
Today, DRIFT pays homage to a broad field of influence, from the architecturally inspired steel core of our wood temple, to the resonant beauty of the Delta Blues. Each design is embodied with a character and beauty of its own.


Every design has a voice – a specific list of demands. From the sourcing of sustainable hardwoods, the engineering of a new process, or a partnership with a meaningful nonprofit, we make every effort to make that design impactful – to let that voice be heard.
In an era of rapid product development, we’ve discovered that the best methods are not always the easiest. A pairing of new-school technology and old-school craftsmanship provide the foundation of our 2000 square foot Chicago studio, where every DRIFT frame is made by hand, by real people, and with a supreme attention to detail.


Driven to achieve a unique aesthetic and feeling, and inspired by uncommon and overlooked materials, we innovate out of necessity. These forces in our lives – this amalgamation of creativity, science, history, design, innovation, structure, and simplicity all converge into something tangible. They converge into a story. All we’re trying to do is tell it.
Drift Eyewear